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From Recovery to Discovery

My Journey Through Addiction

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Addiction Sucks!

It can ruin your life and the lives of those you are connected to. You were created for greatness, but there are unseen forces that make every attempt to keep that greatness from manifesting. From Recovery to Discovery – Life Recovery Journal is a compliment to From Recovery to Discovery – My Journey Through Addiction. Felicia Lee-Sexton has created a collection of heartfelt thoughts that extend from each chapter of the book. The contents of this journal will take you on a path to authentic self-discovery through thought-provoking questions, reflective scriptures and life-changing prayers. This journal is not focused on drug addiction, but all addictions, from food to shopping, porn, church, people, gambling, alcohol and much more. This Life Recovery Journal will serve as a guide to spiritual discovery and the joy that comes with learning how to live your best life free from addictions and afflictions.

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Who Is Felicia? 

A woman who has defied the odds!

A woman destined for greatness and determined to impact the world!


Felicia Lee-Sexton… driven by purpose and tenacity is a recovering drug addict of twenty-four years. Felicia searched within the inner core of her soul to recreate a life that was once filled with darkness. Today, she is a light, shining bright and bringing life and purpose to others.

After the loss of her mother to Lupus, Felicia began a weight loss and fitness journey during her recovery process. Her dedication and resilience caused the owner of the gym, John Mitchell, to suggest that she train other women.

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Rochester, New York

"Felicia I don't say this often, but your words and presence have changed my life and my family's lives. We have been talking about you since the interview. You are blessing! Thank you for your light and transparency. Thank you Carmen, for sharing your sister with our city!"

-Tokeya Graham 

When you meet a young business owner that was born on the day you got clean and sober 6/16/93 and it is instant tears....Instantly we were inseparable........
My New York daughter...Keturah Clark

I want to take a moment and thank Dr Linda Clark Lewis for the opportunity to minister, motivate and educate at the "Walk into Your Season Conference" on Saturday, April 14, 2018.


"From Recovery to Discovery" is a documentary that will encourage you to know that nothing is impossible with God because we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

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